Elastoplast Vetpack 7.5cm
Elastoplast is the preferred brand of adhesive wrapping that Vets use.
Available as a box of 12 x 2.3 metre rolls
$ 94.95

Animalintex Poultice Dressing
A poultice dressing for use on horses to treat infected and open wounds, abscesses, cracked heels, puncture wounds, laminitis, seedy toe, splints, sore shins and other inflammatory conditions. Contains boric acid & tragacanth. Presented as a single dressing pack.
$ 17.35

Co-Plus Bandage
Sticks to itself but not to the skin allowing easy removal. Roll is 3m long - Available in 2 widths:

A strong adhesive bandage similar to Elastoplast.
Each roll is 2.5m long and is available in 2 widths.
Cheaper by the dozen !