Equinade Hoof Grease
A blend of animal oils, natural oils and stockholm tar. When used regularly it will provide a natural protective barrier to maintain hoof health. It keeps the hoof supple and resilient by stopping evaporation of moisture in warm weather and absorption of water in wet conditions.

FOOTRot Spray 375ml
NAS FootRot is an all-natural spray that supports healthy hooves with ease. Traditional methods of treatment such as poultices and fillers are time consuming and difficult to manage. Simply spray on hooves once or twice per day
$ 33.15

Worlds Best Hoof Oil
World's Best Hoof Oil will dramatically improve the condition of hoofed animals, from foals to aged stock, within seven to ten days. The liquid formaulation is absorbed by the hoof providing superior results to pastes. Contains a blend of oils, silicone and stockholm tar

Founderguard is formulated to prevent feed induced laminitis in horses ie those on high grain diets or lush pastures. It can help to prevent recurrences in horses that have suffered from founder or laminitis in the past. It is beneficial for horses with seedy toe, white line separation and poor quality hooves due to low-grade laminitis. Presented as a 1kg or 5kg bucket of palatable pellets.

Vetsense Biotin
Each scoop contains 15g of active biotin to which aids in promoting and maintaining healthy hoof growth and coats in horses.