Equine Products

You've arrived at the Equine section of VetStop Shop. Here you'll find a of horse related products. Simply choose a section in the menu to the left and start browsing. If you can't find what you want contact us and I'm sure we can get it for you.



Useful for horses that are easily excitable, do not travel well, nervous in strange surroundings.

Equimax Worming Liquid

Equimax liquid is effective against: small strongyles, large strongyles, tapeworm, pinworms, ascraids, threadworms, bot...

Iron Supplements

Here is a range of iron & vitamin supplements that can help with blood production.

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Hello VetStop, Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service (as always) particularly to our country town of Bathurst, NSW. My cats really love the Feliway products and their behaviour has improved in our multicat household! Thanks again VetStop!
Veronica, Bathurst