The Fun Stuff - Toys, Balls, Frisbees & Chews

Boredom can cause behavioural problems in dogs. Keeping your dog busy with toys & chew things is a great way to stop boredom. Some toys are just for chewing & playing while others can hold your dog's favourite treats for them to attempt to get to.


Tux - Tasty Treat Teaser

Easy to load and easy to clean. The Tux can be stuffed with dry biscuits for easy treat releasing fun or with sticky fa...

Zoom Flyer

The ZOOM Flyer has a minty scent that sets it apart from all other toss toys - super soaring disc is hard where you nee...

Aussie Dog Long Ball

The long rope attached to this ball makes it possible to throw it a long way with little effort. and avoid picking up a...

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I have ordered products from VetStop on several occasions. Each occasion has been a good exerience and they always are prompt in sending the order. I would recommend them to anyone. On one occasion the post office made an error and I didn't receive the goods but Vet Stop dealt with the problem and sent replacemnt products without hesitation and when I eventually did receive the goods, I sent them back and a refund was readily forthcoming. Thank you.