Herpagrub 100g
Crickets are a popular feed item for reptiles – although they are well accepted crickets are not a total diet. They lack minerals and vitamins unless they are gut loaded by a well designed cricket food. HerpaGrub is a high protein, fully balanced food that will promote cricket growth and vastly improve the nutritional value of the insect. In a powder form HerpaGrub is supplied to crickets and meal worms as their source of excellent nutrition.
$ 9.45

Wombaroo Reptile Supplement
A versatile high protein supplement which can be added to fruits and vegetables, insects, meat or made as soft pellets. Can be fed to all reptiles including tortoises, dragons, lizards and snakes. Contains whey protein, soy protein, meat meal, fish meal, blood meal, cereal bran, lysine, methionine, vegetable oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a range of vitamins & minerals

Herpavite 50ml
Most captive reptiles require a vitamin supplement for continued good health. Many natural food items (crickets, meal worms etc) are vitamin deficient that may lead to health problems in captive animals. Spot on Vitamins work by using “absorption enhancers” to drive the vitamins through the skin of the animal. The absorption technology allows a slow delivery of vitamins without the problems of interactions within the gut. Vitamin requirements will vary with the type of animal and the diet provided.
** Herpavite is not suitable for amphibians.
$ 15.25

A nutrition booster for application to food or direct administration for all reptiles. Stimulates juvenile reptiles and difficult feeders to feed. Provides emergency nutrition to sick, stressed and injured reptiles. Provides a nutritional boost to underweight or gravid reptiles. Can be fed directly to sick animals, injected into food items or smeared on food.

Multical Dust 200g
Multical Dust is a vitamin fortified, triple source calcium that is applied to food items to fill their nutritional deficits. The micro fined powder will adhere to food insects (crickets and meal worms) to ensure adequate intake by the reptile. May be used as a dusting powder for insects such as crickets and mealworms. Dust insects by placing in a bag with the Multical Dust and gently shaking to coat the insect immediately before feeding to reptile
$ 12.75