Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner 220g
Made from a blend of waxes and oils to preserve and protect the leather from the elements and wear. Used after cleaning leather; apply with a soft cloth, allow to penetrate, then buff
$ 8.75

Dubbin Neutral 125gm
Contains waxes and oils for softening, preserving and waterproofing leather of saddles, boots etc. Applied to clean surfaces with a cloth or brush especially to stitching, welts and soles of footwear. Allow to penetrate. Presented in a 125gm tin.
$ 9.65

Equinade Natural Leather Dressing
A combination of lanolin, bees wax, paraffin and the finest natural oils are blended to form a smooth dressing for leather goods. It provides waterproofing as well as keep leather soft and supple. Can be buffed with a soft cloth to a natural finish

Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap 220g
A quality soap with a high glycerine content which is capable of cleaning and softening leather in a single application. Useful for all leather goods including saddles, bridles, harness, shoes, upholstery etc. Best followed up with Equinade Natural Leather Dressing
$ 8.95

Equinade Neatsfoot Oil
A premium grade oil which penetrates, protects, softens and preserves leather without effecting stitching. Premium Light Neatsfoot Oil is a fully refined oil, producing a light viscosity oil which has a low acid content and an appealing yellow colour.