Science Diet Feline Indoor Cat
A complete diet for adult cats that have an indoor lifestyle and need fewer calories. It has quality ingredients and unique fibre technology to reduce hairballs and stool odour.

Science Diet Feline Adult Hairball Dry
Ingredients such as natural vegetable fibres work with your cat's digested system to help control hairballs in adult cats. This is a premium cat food and is complete and balanced for the nutritional requirements of the adult cat. It has unique shaped biscuit that is also highly digestible.
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Laxapet Gel 100g
A palatable mildly lubricant laxative paste. May aid in the prevention and elimination of hair balls in dogs & cats. Use 2 to 3 times a week when necessary. *Note: prolonged use may induce vitamin deficiency. Main ingredient: parrafin oil
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Iams Hairball Care
Reduce the risk of hairball formation with a fibre system that gently moves hair through the digestive tract. Like all Iams formulas, it helps maintain healthy digestion and colon health. Enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health, Iams Hairball Care promotes a healthy skin and coat to help control hairball formation. The patented carbohydrate system helps supply energy for a healthy level of activity throughout the day