Nutrition for Cats

Here we have a range of premium quality dry foods and treats for your cat.
There are life-stage foods (ie for kittens, adults, seniors etc) and some special formulas to help in health conditions (eg hair ball diets, low allergy diets).


Royal Canin Senior Consult

Find the right nutrition to suit your aging feline friend with Royal Canin Senior Consult.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin develops nutritional programs designed to provide the best suited response to cats’ specific needs


Commercial diets can often lose vital nutrients during manufacture

  What have others been saying about us ?
Hello VetStop, Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service (as always) particularly to our country town of Bathurst, NSW. My cats really love the Feliway products and their behaviour has improved in our multicat household! Thanks again VetStop!
Veronica, Bathurst