Vetex Antiseptic Cream with Tea Tree Oil 100g
A soothing antiseptic cream for use on cuts, abrasions and skin conditions on dogs, cats & horses. Contains oils to prevent water loss from the wound and maintain the moisture balance within injured skin surface. Contains Malaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil) which provides an antiseptic action and Citronella Oil which imparts a mild insect repelling action.
$ 13.95

Essential 6 for Horses
Dandruff? Dry/Brittle/breaking Hair? Oily Coat? Imbalance of Cutaneous Flora?

Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on for horses is a multifunctional skin care product, with a formula based on 100% natural ingredients. It provides a tested and proven solution for minor cutaneous problems and their consequences. It maintains the integrity of the hydrolipid film, possesses anti-free radical capacities and reinforces the hydration of the skin
$ 118.35

ItchyScratch Equine 500ml
An easy to use spray that can help soothe the skin while also removing odour and oils that build up and pollute the skin. The spray allows direct aim and minimal contact to further reduce irritation for sensitive skin.
$ 45.75

DERMALotion 200g
DermaLotion is a natural hydrating Lotion for horses which is suitable for dry and broken skin. Easy to apply, deeply nourishing and non greasy. Contains ten key ingredients including the finest natural plant extracts for your horses skin
$ 36.25

Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oils for Dogs and Horses
This formulation can nutritionally enhance your dog’s or horse’s health, skin and coat for a brilliant shine. Available in several sizes and with a clean and easy- to-use dispensing pump

ItchyScratch 100ml
ItchyScratch is a fast acting solution for hot spots and itchy paws. It is free from antibiotics and cortisone. It uses plant extracts plus and aluminium acetate solution which is soothing, drying, antifungal and antibacterial.
$ 19.15

FiltaBac Cream
FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in animal antibacterial skin protection for wounds, sunburn, as a sunblock, correcting damaged or irritated skin conditions
It is suitable for most animals - especially horses, dogs and exotics.

Dermal Oil 100ml
Dermal Oil is useful for dry skin areas and minor scratches. It is antiseptic and will repel insects whilst promoting skin healing
$ 19.60