Musca-Ban Spray
A ready-to-use spray-on fly and mosquito insecticide for use on horses, dogs, cattle and pigs. Musca-Ban has dual action on insect pests; it contains natural pyrethrins to kill the insect pests and citronella oil to repel them.

Permoxin Concentrate
Contains permethrin which has good residual action for the control of fleas, ticks (including paralysis) and flies on dogs and horses (do not use on cats). Useful for: Summer Itch in horses, Flea Allergy Dermatitis in dogs. 

Do not use in cats

Flyaway Spray
Flyaway spray contains permethrin and lavender oil to repel nuisance insects of horses including bush fly, house fly, stable fly, midges and sandflies. It will also aid in the control of Queens land itch in horses. Can be used daily in severe problems.

A cream containing antiseptics as well as permethrin, a very useful insecticide. Keeps flies away from wounds. Useful for fly bite dermatitis on the tips of dogs ears or any other wound which is bothered by insects.
$ 10.15