Balanced Life Cat Treats 85g
Healthy, meaty, mouth-watering, vitamin enriched raw treats are ideal for everyday casual feeding - available in salmon & kangaroo flavours
$ 7.75

Feline Greenies 71g
Feline Greenies are a great treat for cats, from the makers of Greenies - the Original Smart Green treat. Feline Greenies reduce tartar by 24%, as proven by an Independent Veterinary Research Group. Feline Greenies help prevent tartar build-up on the teeth, which is particularly important in cats, since they can develop severe dental disease. Feline Greenies come in one size, a bite size piece that is suitable for cats of all sizes (over 8 weeks of age).
$ 7.30

Vets Best Rewards
Treats for dogs and cats made from 100% dried sheep liver, with no additives or preservatives. Simply break off a small portion as a training aid or a reward for your pet. These will be enjoyed. Only a treat - not a complete food. Available in 2 sizes:

Seaflex for Cats 100g
A unique all in one marine nutritional supplement. Contains Omega-3 fatty acids and marine trace ingredients. Can help to maintain healthy joints and assist in skin and coat condition. Seaflex for Cats is ideal for older cats that are slowing down as it also assists in keeping them active. It comes as a tasty treat that is ideal for senior cats
$ 21.85